THE REAL SIGNIFICANCE OF “Bernie Sanders Would ‘Ruin Our Economy,’ Says Ex-Goldman Sachs Boss” – The New York Times

THE REAL SIGNIFICANCE OF BLANKFEIN’S COMMENTS. Billionaire Lloyd Blankfein, who cost Goldman biliions in fines and who argues for cutting back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, represents the worst kind of ‘corporate citizen.’ They say nothing while Trump and his cronies assault the rule of law and oversee the most corrupt administration in memory as long as they accumulate record wealth while the lower and middle classes get squeezed. (The top 20% hold 77% of all household wealth, more than triple that of the middle class [the middle 60%]. The top 1% alone holds more wealth than the entire middle class.) At the very least, “good corporate citizenship” means defending the rule of law.

Source: Bernie Sanders Would ‘Ruin Our Economy,’ Says Ex-Goldman Sachs Boss – The New York Times