Ethical Style Survey

October 21, 2021


This is a quiz that reveals your "ethical style." Don't worry, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. What your answers show about you (and other people) will be explained on the Results page.

Name Business Email
1. Which is worse?
2. Which is the worse mistake?
3. Which is it worse to be?
4. Which is worse?
5. Which is it better to be?
6. Which is worse?
7. In making a decision you rely more on
8. Your boss orders you to do something that will hurt someone. If you carry out the order, have you actually done anything wrong?
9. Which is more important in determining whether an action is right or wrong?
10. Are you?

Thanks for taking this Ethical Style Survey. After you click "submit," you'll be taken to a page that explains the results. If you entered your e-mail address, you will also receive a copy of your results there as well. (Be sure to check your Spam folder, just in case.)

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