“Tom White’s illuminating monograph of a modern-day Socrates engaging in a dialogue with a crisis-ridden CEO is a great read and a wonderful tool for group discussion.  Socrates leads the recalcitrant CEO through a variety of specific business ethics issues in an effort to get the corporate head to recognize the true purpose of business itself.  Socrates Comes to Wall Street is both delightful and thought-provoking.” 

W. Michael Hoffman, Ph.D. (deceased)
Former Executive Director, Hoffman Center for Business Ethics, and Hieken Professor of Business and Professional Ethics
Bentley University


“Tom White’s contemporary interpretation of Socrates in the executive suite is compelling.  The dialogue is artfully written and insightful.  Undergraduate and graduate students alike will find it valuable – and so will faculty who may be skeptical about the place of moral philosophy in a business school.” 

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Professor Emeritus
University of St. Thomas – Opus College of Business


“A must read that managers can share with their teams to reinforce how business ethics creates greater returns for shareholders.”

Gael O’Brien
Former VP Mitsubishi Motors North America, Ethics Coach columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and columnist for Business Ethics Magazine and “This Week in Ethics.”

“If you haven’t sat through a course on business ethics in a while (ever?), read this book. Tom White takes the reader through the classroom door and right into the world of global business.” 

Barney Rosenberg
Vice President, Ethics and Business Conduct
Meggitt PLC